Spread the Word

Talking to friends and families is a really important way you can help.  To pass this legislation we need support from grandparents, relatives and friends.  It is likely that people outside the birthing community know nothing about this important topic, but if they did they would want to support the women and families of New York.  Tell people what you know, how you feel and how they can help.

An Easy Way to Spread the Word

Social media gives us the gift of sharing important information fast and usually with one click.  Sharing this site with friends, family and neighbors makes it easy to inform those you know. Create a group email explaining why this legislation is important and send them the link along with a request for them to subscribe. Pass this site along using your facebook account and tell people why you think it’s important for them to participate. If friends and family aren’t in New York State they can participate in the Photography Project. When you receive an announcement or a call to action from us you can share it via email, facebook, twitter or any social venue of your choice. It’s easy and fast!

See these buttons directly below this paragraph?  You can use those on any page in this site to share this information with your social networks.  Try it!