For midwives

Legislators have said that one key to passage of the Midwifery Modernization Act is the support of consumers – your clients!  Here’s seven ways you can help get your clients – past and current – involved!

Spread the word with current clients! Download the Freeourmidwives flyer for midwives and post in your office and exam rooms, stuff in current client charts, or place anywhere you see clients.   You can also download a flyer for the upcoming lobby day.

Activate your past clients. Compile your past clients into an e-mail list or database and send them an e-mail educating them on the issue.  Here’s a sample e-mail to get you started.

Educate your staff. Bring everyone in your practice up to speed on the talking points – support staff, too – and find moments when you can talk to clients about they can help:  check-in, check-out, weighing, etc.

Reach out to allied birth professionals. Childbirth education classes, prenatal fitness offerings, or other gatherings of pregnant women are ideal for spreading word and distributing the Free Our Midwives flie.

Keep it simple! Give them the basics – the talking points are a great starting point – and ask them to register here or join us on facebook.  This will keep them up-to-date on the most critical action they can take.

Send five, help midwifery thrive! Every midwife knows 5 consumers, one car load, who they could bring to the rally on Lobby Day.  If 100 midwives commit to this, we will have 500 voices at the rally; 200 midwives…1000 voices; 400 midwives… 2000 voices… We need lots voices to be heard to push the legislators to move our bill into hearings! Even if the midwife can’t make it to Albany because there are babies to catch, find 5 consumers (babies count, too) and send them on their way with a little money for gas, tolls, and parking.

Hand pick local organizers. Everyone has a few exceptional clients who could make amazing birth advocates.  Have a meeting and connect them to this site or your local Birth Network.  Even small events such book clubs, play groups, ladies night out all represent opportunities for educating about the MMA,, Lobby Day and letter writing.  Collect email lists at events to register with  Think bigger and plan a community potluck, birth movie night, or musical fundraiser.

Contact your media. Coming to the rally?  Reach out to your local media.  Here’s a sample press release you can adapt and use.  Need ideas for contacting the media?  Ask Jeanette at