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by admin on January 7, 2010

1.  Subscribe to this website so you can receive information and direction on how you can help with this movement.  Click here to subscribe by email. Legislators told NYSALM (New York State Alliance of Licensed Midwives) that they need to hear from consumers.  Subscribing to this site, joining us on facebook and on twitter are ways we can be counted.  Let’s show our numbers!

2. Write to THREE legislators. They need to hear from consumers. You can use our sample letter and talking points. We encourage you to cut and paste and please add your own thoughts, words and personal stories. Also, feel free to add in a picture of your children as an added effect.  We are asking everyone to write to the following three legislators.

  • Assemblywoman Deborah Glick

We need everyone in New York State to contact Assemblywoman Glick.  She is a key player in this legislation.  Email AssemblyWoman Glick here or send her a letter:

853 Broadway
Suite 1518
New York, NY 10003

  • Senator Stavisky

We need everyone to contact Senator Stravisky even if she is not your senator.  She needs to hear everyone in New York State. You can email her here or mail her a letter at:

509 Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247

  • Your Senator

It is very important that you contact the Senator that represents you.  Click here to find your Senator and send them a letter. The site is very easy to use.  We will post clear instructions soon.

Please read and consult the talking points so your letters are helpful and effective.

3. Talk to your friends and family in the Finger Lakes area and especially those who live in different parts of NY. Tell them about this website and encourage them to subscribe and write letters. Talk about it and link up to us onfacebook and twitter.

4. Come to an Event. We will be tabling at Greenstar on a regular basis and will be announcing dates and times on this site and on our facebook page. We are planning a Community Gathering this winter. Stay tuned for more details about events in our local area.

Are you a talented community organizer/fundraiser?  We could use your help planning the winter Community Gathering.  Email if you have skills and time to share.

5. Participate in the Free Our Midwives Photography Project. This project has potential to raise interest and create solidarity amongst New York State consumers.  We have a goal of 1000 pictures!  Help make this possible!

6.  Plan an event for your friends, network and/or area. Don’t live near Ithaca–even better.  Host an event that helps inform your friends and neighbors about the legislation and help them write letters.  Invite your friends over for tea and write letters together.  If you need help organizing an event in your local area please email for the information to get you started.

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