Birthnet of the Fingerlakes

BirthNet of the Finger Lakes promotes awareness and availability of healthy, normal, mother-friendly childbirth through education, outreach and advocacy. A consumer-based and volunteer-run working group, BirthNet of the Finger Lakes was created to protect, improve and expand birthing options in our local communities. Through lectures, presentations, discussions, community events and resource lists, BirthNet of the Finger Lakes provides information about all aspects of prenatal, birth and postpartum health.

Our goals are to be a comprehensive resource for local birth and healthcare options; to advocate for those who wish to exercise their right to choose what birth options are right for themselves and their families; to assist those seeking to address concerns with healthcare providers regarding birth options; to reach out to those who may lack access to comprehensive and evidence-based information regarding birth options; to be active in the local birth community by addressing access to mother-friendly childbirth and perinatal care; and to provide educational programs to women and their partners about choices in childbirth even before they are expecting their first baby.

BirthNet of the Finger Lakes encourages open, respectful communication between hospitals, midwives, doctors and consumers. We advocate for providers and hospitals to sign on to the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative. We respond to local, regional and national media coverage of birth issues, and we join regional and national initiatives to assert and preserve womens rights to comprehensive and appropriate maternity care. We believe in the power of families working together to educate about and maintain access to birth options in our region. We encourage women and families of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, races, religions, sexual orientations, abilities, and socio-economic circumstances to learn about their rights and about choices available during the childbearing year.

For more information, or to join BirthNet of the Finger Lakes, please visit our website and become a fan on our Facebook page.